Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wordpress installation.

Well that was a no brainer!

My host uses C-Panel which has Fantastico installed.
One of the options is install Wordpress! AND it's the current version.
One click and it was in. It– only asked me what (sub)directory I wanted to install to, password and user name.

Had one potential problem. I– thought I would install to an add-on domain on my account. This looks like a sub domain in some ways (creates a subdirectory of the html_public directory called the add-on domain name) which I thought may confuse the installation, but – no problems. Fantastico offered the installation to either the main domain or the add-on. All URIs resolve to the add-on domain name. SIMPLE

Once "“inside"” , I changed some of the defaults and activated some of the included plug-ins. Inserted the notification email address, tagline and title. Set it for pretty permalinks. I also added the list of common spam words from Wordpress.

Now to try Movable Type.


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