Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Where am I starting from?

Where am I starting from you may ask.

Well, I have been a computer user for about 30 years. Initially the old PDP-11/10 (and in-fact an old punch tape Monroe…) then the SDK 80/85 – you know the all- machine code with octal/hexadecimal readouts.

I learned FORTRAN, BASIC, COBOL and “machine code” over the years, but never did much outside of BASIC. OOP is a new concept for me.

I started a website in 1996 on Geocites.com and then migrated it to its own server a few years ago.

More recently, I erased it and started Diving The Blue , a digital underwater photography site. That has been my main foray into the internet.

I am familiar with Domain name registration and DNS redirection, and have set up multiple email accounts with various redirection; BUT I have no experience of UNIX/LINUX or APACHE.

To date, all my sites have been managed with LAMP type systems and a CPanel interface using Microsoft FrontPage as my web designer / publisher. Throw in some judicious direct access to my files with HTML and occasional direct server access….

Along the way I have developed a smattering of PHP, CSS, MySql, DHTL. XML is NEW to me. RSS is new to me as well. No Idea at all about Pearl…

This could be fun then!


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