Sunday, October 09, 2005

Coming to terms with it all. -RSS

Well, its been a steep learning curve.

I mean - What is RSS all about?

RSS feeds are novel for me, but I have installed Feed demon (trial), got a Newsgator account and subscribed, subscribed, subscribed. I must admit it is fascinating to see where things are up to now-days.

I also note that google has now opened a Google-reader - jumping on the band-wagon - its a sign of the times.

Content delivered to your desk BUT you get to choose the content! It even includes Podcasts! I think I like this system. Certainly I will want my blog/site to have RSS capabilities, just as this one does!

By the way, I gather from Newsgator, that they will be integrating their online services with FeedDemon - allowing you to synchronise your casts between the two - and now they have acquired a Mac client too, so that makes it even more useful for the multiple platform family!

Yep - RSS - a new (?) way to receive content that I want.


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