Sunday, October 09, 2005

Checking out the options - Blog / CMS Platforms

I have been haunting a great site on the web - Open Source CMS .

It gives you the chance to try demo's of many different CMS platforms - including blog specific and image management systems.

The demos include full administration access, so you can try out all the different engines from both a user and administrators view. I believe this is invaluable!

They reset the entire system every 2 hours, so nothing persists - understandably - and it also stops people from permanently destroying the access for others.

So far, I have had a long look at:

Mambo - a good looking interface but not overly intuitive. Seems to be a very complex/ complete system with easy (?) integration of other components - forums for example. I feel possibly better suited for a commercial site rather that a personal blog/site but over all very impressive. Just too complicated

PHPNuke - A common CMS as far as I am aware, but their are a lot of comments regarding security of the system.. Possibly because it is so common - easy target. The interface is ok but - again- not overly intuitive in my opinion. AND I HATE an official site that pops-up a window advertising ringtones! Interestingly, this OPENSOURCE CMS - charges for the most recent release - confused!

PostNuke - Another PHP type CMS that I THINK evolved from PHPNuke. Less security issues. Slow to run and I get the impression that the support for it has dwindled over the years. Ok from the admin point of view but far from intuitive. I gather that themes are not easy to come by unless you want to pay for 'em. Not really a blog tool. Permalinks and trackbacks / pings seem unsupported as well. Not for me.

Xoops - Not a good sign when the main developer is apologising for not being around...... Not particularly for me.

Wordpress - Essentially 'touted' as a Blogging tool but I suspect there is more too it. Has an active user base and support forums as well as a massive Wikki. I am surprised at some of the people who are using it on the web. Why surprised - well it is free for a start!
The interface is clean and intuitive. Not surprisingly, it has excellent comment control/configuration with RSS trackbacks and pings as well.
I was pleased to see that it is easily set up for other pages rather than like blogspot with a single main page and archives. Hundreds of themes - all free as far as I can see and a handy in-line theme changer. Will put this toward the top of my list to try.

Movable Type - A commercial blogging platform with a free non-commercial single user license. I am looking at it simply because it seems so commonly used (commercially at least) and I see quite a lot of sights using it - eg Geek News Central. As far as I am aware, MT's parent company - Six Apart - established the Trackback protocol, so this platform is certainly up there. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any demo's for Mt so will probably have to do my own install and check it out. Worryingly, the company offers a PAID installation service for its customers as apparently many people have a problem installing it :-( . Even so, it seems so prevalent, it must be worth a look.

This site gives you the option to compare various features between platforms. Also worth a look.

That's all for tonight! More later - wish me luck!


At 8:59 pm, Blogger Tack said...

It looks like some one was watching :-).
I wasn't expect a Xoops devteam member though!
Xoops forge bloggers developers network


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